Mana Pinto is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer born and raised in Panama. Interested in promoting the work of emerging Latin American artists, she is co-founder and president of Arte Nómada––a contemporary art project that seeks to highlight the work of emerging artists from Panama and across Latin America with exhibitions around the city in abandoned spaces. Mana was the assistant to the directors at PROXYCO Gallery, an artspace focused on exhibiting work by emerging and mid-career contemporary artists from Latin America. She has also assisted and collaborated at La Salita, a curatorial project dedicated to highlighting the work of emerging and established artists across Latin America, as well as Latinx and immigrants working within the U.S., and was a Public Programs intern at El Museo del Barrio. As an artist, she is focused on the relationship between natural environments and human-made structures. She observes the ongoing "violence" that exists between these two concepts, seeing it lead to the decline of the inorganic, thus exploring the fragility of what we build. Mana is interested in exploring themes of urban spaces, humidity and memory. She has participated in several group shows Panama City (PAN), Brooklyn (NY), San Francisco (CA), and Princeton (NJ). 


May 2019: Fordham University at Lincoln Center - Bachelor of Science: Psychology and Visual Arts.


2020: Curatorial Assistant. Solo con la cabeza no se puede recordar. La Salita. New York, NY


2019: Festival Fémina. Panama City, Panama

2019: New Experimental Films. Other Cinema. San Francisco, CA

2019: Student Film Festival. Fordham University. New York, NY


2018: Of Other Natures. Lauck House, Princeton, NJ

2018: Pond Late Night. 255 McKibbin Lofts. (Brooklyn, NY)

2017: Arte Nómada: Segunda Edición. Panama City, Panama

2016: Arte Nómada: Primera Edición. Panama City, Panama

2015: Ridículamente Profundo. Tántalo. Panama City, Panama

2014: Senior IB Art Show. International School of Panama. Panama City, Panama




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