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AQUÍ is a site-specific artistic intervention in Gamboa, Panamá. The intervention takes place in an abandoned building that has been losing parts of its structure with time, becoming an open space, and therefore safe to receive visitors during COVID-19. AQUÍ promotes conviviality, community and social exchange through art. 


This intervention brings together the works of artists, architects, landscapers and designers based in Panama. Throughout the show, different formats are explored through pieces that survive to – or are activated by – the passage of time. The works presented keep in mind the symbiosis between the work and the space, taking into consideration the socio-environmental context of the exhibition site. At the same time, they interact with the space consciously, being mindful of the environment and other living beings that exist there. Every piece considers a way of inhabiting the structure, with a particular focus on being, by way of leaving behind a souvenir or evidence of presence within the space. 


Together, the works represent a kind of semi-permanence: objects and images out in the open within or surrounding a structure that detaches itself from the territory over time. 


The show will remain here indefinitely.


Project by Ana Sofía Camarga, Mónica Fonseca, and Mana Pinto.

BTS video by César Othón